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So I’m sure you’re utterly curious what this website is all about right? Let me start off by introducing myself and what we do here. My name is Jim and I’m probably the biggest fan of UK street girls. I love picking up random girls on the streets throughout London and other places with the UK. I spend most of my time hanging out, drinking tea, and writing about random girls that have been featured on the Jimbabe website. I don’t do much of anything other than that really. Pretty boring, I know. But you’re not visiting my site for me. You’re here to check out all the dirty UK slags that get picked up off the street and paid cash to have sex with old men. That’s why you’re here. So let me take a minute to explain exactly what happens on this site, why I created it and what I love about UK street girls.

I am Jim Slip

Why I Created The JimBabe Website

 Honestly, it sounds silly but I really just created this site because I’m such a huge fan of British women and sticking my cock deep inside them. That said, I need to get my fix of sex and porn just like you. So I do two things really. I roam the streets searching for British girls to have sex with and when I’m not doing that, I’m simply updating this site and sharing videos of girls that I’ve fucked. I created the site so I had a place to share all the pics and videos of these naughty girls before, during and after they’ve taken cumshots to their slag faces. Here’s one of the girls I came on (more than once too).


Well, enough of that. I suggest you keep checking back to my site daily to check out the newest updates. I’m going to be updating the site daily with a new girl. I hope you like the way I fuck! Cheers Matey!

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