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Tight Pussy British Escort Photo Shoot

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Samia is one of those British escort slags who loves to wear sexy short skirts with sassy panties and thigh highs underneath. She’s so vain she takes Jim up on his offer to come home and have pictures taken. She kneels on the couch, showing off her garter belt and stockings, putting herself in all kinds of provocative positions as Jim watches and calmly shoots video. But that randy little girl can’t even keep her knickers on for long. Coyly, she slides her panties down and exposes her tiny shaved pussy for all to see. I don’t know how Jim can resist ramming her in any one of her slutty holes!

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Hot Jim Slip Babe Takes A Pounding

Hot Jim Slip Babe

Sexy Samia is without a doubt a certified Jim Slip babe, because she’s wearing heels and thigh high high stockings and loves to fuck. As Jim Slip knows after years of sticking his dick in escorts, slutty street working Brit girls are the best. When Samia shows up to his house in her thigh stockings, he can’t help but pull her to his lap and grab her pink-pantied ass. She does a little tease, showing off her beautiful body, tiny tits and all, and Jim can’t hold his lust for long, bending her over standing up in high heels, ramming his hard cock into her pretty little pussy. She’s the perfect slut because he’s able to take her pussy in all different kinds of positions around the house, from the sofa to the floor, and she’s ready to suck his knob whenever he says please.

Jim Slip Babe