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Edward Scissorhands Porn Featuring Jim Slip

What happens when you take two babes in nylons from the UK and one old Jim Slip together? Well, you get what you think you get and that’s a special nylon ripping Edward Scissorhands porn video!

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These two cute girls agreed to make a video with Jim Slip and they made a great choice as far as I’m concerned! The best part about this fuck session was that Jim’s wife was one of the two babes that joined in on the fun. He brought the cute girl back to his place in hopes of getting some action. When his wife saw that she was wearing nylons, she decided to join the fun. It was an act of shameful lust as one might put it and it should come as no shock that this was something Mr. Slip enjoyed to the fullest extent. The scene was one that you’d expect if they were fucked by Edward Scissorhands! I know, it sounds a bit creepy but it’s true! I hope you enjoy the update because Jim Slip, his wife and the slut that he brought home enjoyed it thoroughly!

Nurse British Babe Sex Riding Jim’s Cock

British Babe Sex

This naughty nurse is named Ananter and she’s a dark-haired British babe. This beauty  is definitely one of those slutty British babes that you never forget when you meet them. In her tiny white uniform and thigh-high stockings held up by a garter belt, she exudes sexual healing. When Jim brings her home, she bends herself right over to show off her perfectly round ass and get Jim’s heart rate up before she checks his pulse. She starts with his wrist but then realizes she might get a better reading from his engorged cock. Holding it in her hand she realizes what will heal him and gets down on her knees for a blowjob, then providing sexual healing with her tight, wet pussy. Jim wastes no time shagging her and getting his cure.

British Babe Porn

London Street Sluts Love Fucking Jim Slip

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Naughty Nadya is a British babe with a welcoming smile and no panties. She’s one of London’s finest street sluts and Jim Slip doesn’t waste any time getting her to his house to become his Jim babe. Dressed up in a tiny skirt and a black thigh-highs with garters, Nadya teases us with the sight of her shaved little pussy. Bending over she shows off her ass, and good old Jim has ideas for her. First a blowjob is in order, so she can enjoy the massive size of his much-experienced John Thomas, but when he’s good and randy, he bends her right over and slips his dick right into her tight little ass. From the smile on her face you can see she loves it!

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